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Under $200

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When it comes to gifts, the sky is the limit – except when the sky stops at $200. And that’s definitely okay, because at Taos Lifestyle we have the most incredible Under $200 Gifts category that puts every other gift selection to shame (and we mean that in the nicest way). From candles and lighting to signs and pillows, this selection is jam-packed with amazing gift options for anyone in your life.

What kind of incredible items will you find in your search? You’ll find a hand-blown chocolate-colored Chalice Martini Glass by Jan Barboglio, a Persimmon Color Field Pillow that matches the fantastic colors of a New Mexico sunset, and a traditional German candle stand that takes you back to the ‘good ol’ days’. Our selection is meant to excite and impress, which is exactly how the receiver will feel when you hand him or her your Taos Lifestyle gift!

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