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Beautiful Taos, Beautiful Living

It has been said, that Taos Lifestyle is as much a mindset as an actual living experience and that is indeed a true statement to describe living in Taos. The town and inhabitants have embraced an age old laid back style of living which among other things, includes slowing down and enjoying the scenery.

And scenery is in no short supply in Taos. Every morning, every day presents an ever changing palette of colors, textures, shades and lights, in sunsets, in weather, in nature, in the town itself, it’s people, architecture, cultures and more.

The nature around Taos is beautiful, changing, dynamic with weather and sunlight and seasonal colors, and endlessly captured in Taos Art. The light is nearly unique here, bringing out the most of color and shade and sharpness and presenting local artists endless inspiration.

But the beauty of Taos goes beyond the nature that surrounds the town and the the art that fills it. Taos is also a community agreement to stop and smell the flowers, that mañana is ok, that quality of life matters and a ‘home feel’ is preferred over much of mainstream culture.

Another beauty of Taos is the blending of several different cultures, all interacting and enriching the other, despite considerable differences of lifestyles, histories and ethnic orientations.

All these things blend together into Taos Lifestyle, a mix of nature, and community, and the arts and rich cultural roots, all creating ‘Beautiful Taos, Beautiful Living!’

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