5 Awesome Hostess Gifts for Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingColorsMashed potatoes? Check. Pumpkin pie? Check. Hostess gift? Uh oh.

Don’t fret just yet, you still have time to pick up a hostess gift for Thanksgiving and say “thank you” to a person who’s probably fretting way more than you. Thanksgiving can be quite a stressful time for the hostess, even here in laid-back Taos, so the smallest hostess gift can go a long way.

Here are 5 awesome hostess gifts for Thanksgiving Day that are guaranteed to last much longer than that bottle of rosé:

TLS_2_piece_carving1. Taos Twist 2-Piece Carving Set

Here’s a hostess gift you can use right away on Turkey Day. The Taos Twist Carving Set consists of two pieces: a carving fork and a carving knife. They are handmade stainless steel flatware sold right here in Taos, so you’re supporting a local company while also gifting beautiful and useful serving tools. The presentation of carving and serving roasted turkey will never be as beautiful than when performed with these two utensils in hand!

TLS_corkscrew2. Buddy Corkscrew & Drinking Buddy Charms & Topper

Two hostess gifts in one – who doesn’t like the sound of that? The Buddy Corkscrew and Drinking Buddy Charms & Topper use similar anthropomorphic design (that’s a fancy word for human-like design) resulting in the cutest and most colorful wine accessories. They’re perfect for Thanksgiving, when wine flows like water and glasses are scattered around the house. And when the big dinner is over, you can easily reuse it all for the next big celebration!

TLS_Jan B3. Houseblessing Glass Vessel by Jan Barboglio

It’s important to have good vibes on a big day like Thanksgiving. Jan Barboglio’s Houseblessing Glass Vessel brings the spirit of protection and love to your hostess’ home with a beautiful handblown glass cross. It’s attached to a glass vessel where you can place and ignite candle to act as a guiding light for a Guardian Angel. It’s a small, yet meaningful gift that helps you extend a feeling of safety, security and love to family and friends.


TLS_Christmas Candle4. Christmas Sparkling Tree Silver Candle

Yes, it’s a ‘Christmas gift’ at Thanksgiving, but it really does make sense. Why give a Christmas candle at Christmas when the holiday is over? By gifting the Christmas Sparkling Tree Silver Candle during Thanksgiving, the hostess can use it throughout the month of December and truly enjoy your gift. Each evergreen branch is hand-painted with a silver glitter that sparkles in the flickering candlelight. Give a cluster of two or three candles and bring a touch of holiday magic to your hostess’ home.

TLS_Italian Vase5. Small Italian Vase with Fall Colors

You could bring over flowers for the hostess… or you could bring over flowers in the most exquisite vase your hostess has ever seen. This Small Italian Vase with fall colors is just as noteworthy and stunning as the bouquet it holds and unlike the flowers, it will last forever. The swirling reds, oranges and browns are typical of autumn colors and will blend nicely with other décor in your hostess’ dining room. Don’t be surprised if you see this vase on the Thanksgiving table next year and ever year after that too.

So don’t fret – there are plenty of great options for hostess gifts available at Taos Lifestyle. Now your Thanksgiving will be complete and just as wonderful – and delicious – as you imagined!

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