5 Tips for Buying a Mattress Online

iseries-profiles-prominence-firm-layersBuying a mattress in store is easy. You talk to a mattress professional, test out your lying position on a variety of latex, foam and innerspring mattresses, and find the perfect fit for you and your partner.

Buying a mattress online is a whole different experience. There are tons of options, data points and customer reviews to sort through and you’ll have to make a purchase without ever touching it. Still, with a bit of advice from our experts at Taos Lifestyle, you can find the right mattress online and achieve restful sleep for years to come.

Tempurpedic Logo1. Do Your Research

Brick-and-mortar stores may be limited by floor space, but online stores offer an almost unlimited supply of mattresses. You can find anything that’s available, which is as exciting as it is overwhelming. To find your perfect mattress, you’ll need to do a lot of research on the different mattress types, brands, materials, styles, customer reviews, and more.

We’ve got a couple great resources to help get your research started:
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There is a lot more information on our website and throughout the Internet too. You can spend all day researching mattresses, but it’s important to narrow down your choices to the most important things. The next two tips should help…

TLS_Chambray Linen2. Identify Your Top Priorities

What are you looking for most from a mattress? Are you looking to relieve back pain or reduce pressure on certain body parts? Are you trying to avoid allergic reactions to dust mites or latex? Do you want a mattress that is eco-friendly? Determine your highest priority needs and use them to focus your research. This will save you time and energy during the research process and help you find the perfect mattress.

3. Consider Your Partner’s Needs

Of course, a mattress is often shared with a partner and you must take into account his or her needs too. While you may be looking for a hypoallergenic mattress, your partner may be seeking a mattress that regulates temperature. You’ll certainly want to find a mattress that can do both because a good night’s sleep requires both parties to be 100% satisfied. So before you go too far down the research path, make sure to sit down with your partner and list out his or her top priorities too.

4. Take Your Time – Don’t Feel Pressured

There are many advantages to buying online, including no sales pressure and no time constraints. The entire buying process is on your watch. That’s important because it’s better to buy the right mattress than rush the decision. Even if your current sleep is uncomfortable for a few more nights, it’s better to have 7 more nights of bad sleep than 7 more years. So don’t rush, take your time.

Remember, you can always visit the store to help solidify your decision. You can test out a mattress (or compare the two you’ve been considering) and then come back online to make your purchase at a later time. And if you cannot get to the store, consider calling the experienced sales people and getting their expert advice and help on your mattress purchase.

taos_logo5. Buy from a Reputable Source

Once you’ve determined what type of mattress you want to buy, make sure you buy it from a reputable online source. There are hundreds of online mattress stores, but you want to buy from one that has:
• a top quality selection of mattresses,
• a secure buying process,
• and a commitment to customer service

Make sure to check their returns and/or exchange policy, as well as order tracking capabilities. If you’re not sure, then give the store a call. A good one will be able to answer any questions you might have. It’s also important to know lead times too, because you’ll probably have to wait 1-2 weeks for mattress delivery.

With these 5 tips in mind, you should have no problem buying the perfect mattress online. And if you’re one of those people that still prefers an in-store experience, than stop by our Taos Lifestyle store and come give our top quality mattresses a test drive… er, sleep!

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