Getting Ready for Your Overnight Guests

Ddownloado you have family or friends planning an overnight stay at your home?  Once you’ve put out the “Welcome” mat, follow our easy suggestions to create a warm and wonderful atmosphere for your guests.

Sleeping Arrangements

Where will your guests retire at night?  Whether you have a spare bedroom, a sleeper sofa, or an inflatable mattress, determining where your guests will sleep before they arrive is important.  Get organized and set up their personal home away from home space. They’ll be so grateful!

FMA02BS-W3-WB1409345840_original__65605.1454448251.1180.1180reshen Up

There’s nothing like the scent of freshly laundered linens…  Wash all sheets, blankets, towels, and washcloths for your guests. Take a look around the room, does it need dusting?  Do the windows need a cleaning? Now is the time to spruce up their space.  Adding a scented candle or sachet of lavender is a lovely touch.


Create a basket or dedicate a bathroom drawer for assorted toiletries.  Provide visitors with everything from soap, shampoo, and razors to toothbrushes, mouthwash, and floss.  If your guests forgot to pack a personal care item, you have them covered!

Tip: Save the mini toiletry bottles from your travels for your guest room amenities.   


What’s For Dinner?

Meal planning can certainly be complex at times. Does your family or friends have food allergies? Are they vegan, gluten-free, or follow a special diet? If possible, find out a few of their favorite foods before arrival.  This will avoid a trip to the grocery store when you could be enjoying each other’s company.

il_570xN.760480843_f6wwNavigating Your Home

In today’s tech-filled world, sharing things like your Wi-Fi code, how to work those tricky TV remotes and security alarm will help your guests settle in with ease.  In case they want to go off and explore on their own, offer them a house key or your garage door passcode.

Avoid the last minute scramble by starting your guest prep now. When the doorbell rings, you’ll be relaxed and ready to welcome them into your home.  Happy entertaining!

How do you prepare for overnight guests?  What have you found works best to make your guests comfortable? Share with the Taos Lifestyle Community in the comments below!

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