Realistic Furniture for a Kid and Pet Friendly Home

marys dog You don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort because children or pets fill your home. And this certainly doesn’t mean you’re destined to rooms of furniture past their prime! Furniture has come a long way since the days of Great Aunt Esther’s “off limits” living room. The Taos Lifestyle Design Team has the solution for your lifestyle with a variety of durable, stain resistant materials.

Plan Before You Purchase

Selecting new furniture takes research. Think about the space and how often your furniture will be used. Consider the ages of your children (toddlers and spilled juice boxes tend to go hand in hand) and where your four legged babies will rest their paws. Before you invest, create a list of how you need your furniture to perform under pressure.

westchesterMicrofiber, Microsuede, and Ultrasuede

Pet friendly and family friendly fabrics are extremely durable. This frees up your creativity to use lighter colors that you wouldn’t typically be use in an active household. Microfiber, microsuede, and ultrasuede can withstand extra wear and tear. The benefits of these fabrics include:

  • Stain-Resistant – Those same tight-knit properties also make microfiber furniture stain-resistant.  Spilled liquid initially forms into beads making it easy to wipe away (just don’t rub it in or let it sit too long).
  • Easy to Clean – Wipe with a dry cloth or use a small vacuum.
  • Comfortable – Soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on.
  • Durable – Holds up well to cleaning and usage and maintains its color for many years.
  • Keeps Out Allergens – Fabric is tightly weaved to keep dust and other allergens from residing in your furniture.

leather sofaDistressed Leather

Distress leather gives an aged appearance with the feeling of exceptional suppleness and is perfect for households with children and pets. Distressed leather looks and feels even better when it’s well loved. Leather hides stains well, is resistant to odors, doesn’t attract pet hair, and cleans up very easily. Accidents clean up with a cloth and scuffs can be buffed out without difficulty.

Our Danford Sofa is one of our most popular pieces from American Leather.

Fabrics to Avoid

No material is indestructible and there are certain fabrics to steer clear of for homes with kids or pets. Chenille, velvet (a pet hair magnet), linen, and silk can quickly become damaged.

kid dogBe Ready for Mishaps

Accidents will happen, so emergency preparedness is a must. Now that your furniture has made its way home, read up on how to clean pieces safely and properly and keep the guides easily accessible. Store stain removers, cloths, and wipes nearby for quick clean up. Last but not least, remember that your home is not a museum and life happens (fingerprints and paw prints alike!).

If you’ve added a new family member (baby or fur-baby) to your home, did you need to make changes in your design and décor?   Share your go-to tips with the Taos Lifestyle Community on keeping your furniture free of cookie crumbs and doggie drool!

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