The Holidays Are Coming….and So Is Your Company!

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This year, it’s time to finally furnish that extra bedroom you have, especially if you have guests coming for the holidays. If you are going to do it, do it right by planning first. Not only should you measure the room before you start shopping, but you should also consider the needs of the guests who will be coming over. And be sure to start planning ahead of time – special order pieces can take 4 to 6 weeks to be manufactured and shipped! Fortunately, Taos Lifestyle specializes in room planning, so if you’re in the area, feel free to come in with your room measurements and talk to a specialist. In the meantime, check out some tips to prepare your guest room before the holidays.

Make Sure the Bed Itself Is Inviting

You have plenty of options when it comes to beds, but the best choice is a style that is both fashionable and comfortable. One of the most popular types of fashion beds is a daybed, mainly because it features arms on both sides that welcome guests to sit down or sleep. Plus, you can buy a trundle bed that is stored under the daybed, ready to be rolled out and popped up when you need space for more than one guest. That’s perfect for when you need to host two people but have limited room!

Buy Comfortable Bedding

So now you have the room, the bed, the furniture – but maybe your sheets are from 10 years ago. Update that bedding with some comfortable options that include flannel, cotton, microfiber, and quilted sheets. You have lots of choices here, since the whole DreamFit sheet collection is soft and comes in a variety of sizes and appealing colors. You can buy sheets separately, or choose a collection that includes fitted sheets, top sheets, and pillowcases. Then select a comforter that matches well and is both soft and thick.

If you want to add even more comfort to the bed, buy a mattress topper. It adds some cushion to the mattress and is particularly great for smaller guests. So this is an affordable way to accommodate any little cousins who want to stay at your place for the holidays. As a bonus, most mattress toppers can be easily stored in your linen closet when you don’t need them.

Before you make any decisions on bedding, think about just how much you want to impress your guests. If your beloved, sweet aunt is staying with you, it’s okay to go out of your way to help her feel comfortable for as long as she wants to stay. On the other hand, if your know-it-all brother is coming over for the holidays, you don’t want to make the room too comfortable. He just might end up trying to move in with you!

Prepare Your Bathroom

Whether your guests will get their own bathroom during their stay or have to share one with the rest of the household, you can take some steps to make it look inviting. Get started by giving it a thorough cleaning!  Then add some small necessities for your guests, such as extra toothbrushes, fragrant soaps, and even candles that smell delicious. These items are inexpensive and can make a world of difference in how welcome your guests will feel in your home. Just imagine how unwelcoming a barren bathroom tends to look, and you will see how important it is to fill it with necessities!

Be sure the bathroom also has lots of helpful accessories that will make your guests feel at home. These might include a soap dish or dispenser, toothbrush holder, and trashcan. You know, the basics. Then ensure you have enough plush, absorbent linens, including bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and a bath mat.

Add Cozy Furniture for Guests

A comfortable guest room should also include a small table or desk and at least one chair. If the room is large enough, you might even consider adding a couch. Klaussner is just one popular brand when it comes to couches of all kinds.

If you do not have a dedicated guest room, buying a sofa sleeper is a good idea, in which case you can find an attractive one from American Leather. Some even feature matching ottomans, loveseats, and chairs that you can buy separately to create a cozy, appealing look for any room in your house. Before you buy new furniture, just ask yourself some questions, such as “How often do I need to host guests, and how many people do I need to sleep?” If you want to keep the room multipurpose, and you only host guests a few times per year, then a sofa sleeper would work well for your needs. That way, you will be prepared year round for company, and you won’t have to spend next year’s holiday season rushing around to make your home look and feel more comfortable for guests!

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