TLS Lighting Ideas: Inviting Lighting For Your Dining Room

TLS_Dining TablePart 3 of our 3-part series

We always save the best for last. Our lighting series concludes right before the holidays in the place where holidays are spent: your dining room. Thanksgiving is upon us and the quality of your dining room lighting is in the spotlight. As with everything in Taos, your lights should be inviting, enchanting, and bestow your personality upon family, friends and guests.


Check out our inviting lighting ideas for your dining room:

TLS_Aqua Chianti ChandelierAqua Chianti Chandelier

We’re not shy in Taos and this chandelier says so. The Aqua Chianti Chandelier is a wild pop of blue in an otherwise sea of clear glass, brown wood and white plates. It speaks volumes about your style and is probably the most striking chandelier on the market today! Boasting candy cane swirls, textured teardrops, and lotus-shaped candleholders, this chandelier is a masterpiece of glass art that will do wonders for the character – and lighting – of your dining room.


TLS_MotivoMotivo 3-Light Wall Sconces

As if taken from an 18th-century mansion, the Motivo 3-Light Wall Sconces bear the appearance of classic, royal fixtures: rustic paint, dripping wax, leaf motifs, hanging jewels, and flame-shaped glass candles. These are absolutely gorgeous in a dining room setting, especially during the holidays, and instantaneously transform an empty wall space. We’re not the aristocratic type in Taos, but we do love their taste in stylish wall sconces!

TLS_Alexandra ChandelierAlexandra 9-Light Chandelier

If you’re looking for an elegant and inviting chandelier for your formal dining room, the Alexandra 9-Light Chandelier is a top choice. Constructed with wrought iron, finished in gold, and adorned with wooden links and leaf motifs, this chandelier puts a funky twist on a classic design. Nine lights ringed around the center provide ample lighting for the room. Plus, simple materials keep the price tag low – and your guests won’t know otherwise!

TLS_Large BubblesLarge Bubbles Cash Pendant

Want to draw your dinner guests into your modern dining room? Install the Large Bubbles Cash Pendant and they’ll come right in, curiously attracted by the beautiful, smoky brown glass bubbles above your dining room table. The multiple lights shining down upon the table are reflected off the bubbles, spreading a gentle glow across the entire space. If your table is long enough, consider installing two Small Bubbles Cash Pendants to double the design and spread the light.

TLS_Reeds Draped MiniReeds Draped Fused Glass Mini Pendant

Two is better than one and in the case of mini pendants, 3 or 4 is even better. Dangle a multitude of Reeds Draped Fused Glass Mini Pendants above the expanse of your table and give your dining room a restaurant-quality expression. Each handmade mini pendant fuses hand-cut frost white glass with multi-colored dichroic glass to create a gorgeous display of light rays. This is certainly one of the most fun ways to merge light and décor in a Taos dining room!

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to update your dining room lighting for the upcoming holiday. And hopefully our 3-part series on lighting has inspired you to look beyond the standard big-box lighting options and find something more playful, calming or inviting for your living room, bedroom or dining room. Search all our lighting options here or stop by our Taos furniture store for all your lighting needs!

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