What’s Your Type? The Essential Rug Buying Guide Part 2

In our previous blog post, “Sizing Things Up: The Essential Rug Buying Guide”, the Taos Lifestyle Design Team guided you in your search for the ideal rug. Our quality rugs will serve as a stunning focal point in your home for years. Read on for Part 2 of our rug buying series:

Fibers and Materials

Your lifestyle and the rooms daily traffic is an important consideration in rug type.

For example, the possibilities for an “oops” spill is a reality for households with kids and pets. A winter white area might be stunning, but most likely not be the best decision for a busy household.


Wool: Perfect for high-traffic areas, these rugs require little maintenance and have a durable construction to assure longevity. Use in living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways.

Silk: Use in bedrooms and other places with low traffic. Silk is known for its rich and luxurious look. Keep in mind that these must be professionally cleaned, so avoid walking on with shoes whenever possible.

Cotton: Use in kitchens and kid’s rooms. Cotton is generally a less expensive alternative to wool. Depending on the size (and backing), many cotton rugs can be conveniently washed at home in a typical washing machine.

Synthetics: Use in hallways or for outdoor spaces. Often made out of nylon or polypropylene. Synthetics rugs can typically withstand dampness and wipe off easily. Great for mudrooms as well.

Other types include animal skin (perfect for lodges, timber frame, and log cabin homes), and sisal and seagrass for beachy/desert dwellings).

Coordinate Your Color Palette
Designing your room from scratch and happen to fall in love with a rug before choosing your furniture?  That’s positively ok!  Starting with a rug can inspire your choices of décor and furniture.

Color and design will set the mood in any room and pull it all together. After you’ve selected the spot-on size to fit your space, it’s time to decide what your rug says about you and your space.  Chic and contemporary? Casual and relaxed? Dreamily romantic? What types of rugs are you drawn to?color

Create a softer low-key setting with neutrals and pastels. Primary colors create drama and energy. For a brightly colored or patterned rug, find a softer or more neutral tone that coordinates for walls and large pieces of upholstered furniture. Then incorporate accent pillows in complimentary bold colors to bring out the rug’s vibrant hues. There are many options when choosing neutral rugs: select neutral colors for the entire room to create a monochromatic look or add pops of color with paint, an accent piece of furniture, or throw pillows. There’s no “must have” rule in decorating — your personality and style should be reflected in your home.
Need assistance with what size, style, and color of rug to choose?  Our Design Team will help you find just the right rug for your needs! We offer free design services with every purchase.

Ready to shop? We have a wonderfully wide variety of rugs to choose from in store! Taos Lifestyle has what you’re looking for, come visit our store at 710 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur in beautiful Taos, NM.

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